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Massage & Movement Works!

Sports, Remedial & Thai Yoga Massage, and Pilates  in and around Newbury

Newbury Sports Massage provides soft tissue therapy ie sports, remedial, Swedish and Thai Yoga Massage to provide relief from aches and pains of every day living, or to support sporting ambitions. Posture and alignment are key to moving well so we also provide group and 121 pilates classes, and imovefreely exercise programmes through Biomechanics Coaching.  We work with other physical therapy professionals which enables us to provide a complete service from diagnosis to rehab including  physiotherapy, osteopathy, yoga and personal training. 


The physiological and psychological benefits of Massage to treat musculoskeletal problems continue to be researched. Some suggest Sports massage is  unique in its approach: the aim to restore 'better' than 'normal' function to enable athletes to enhance performance, prevent injury, and train harder. What we do know is that massage will make you feel better - so you're likely to move better.  Simple.  For this reason sports .massage is often be seen as part of training programmes..​.


Thank you to everyone who has either come for a treatment or a class this year - it's been a challenging one and I am so grateful for your support.  I'd like to wish you all health and happiness for 2022 and look forward to seeing you in the new year x

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We will still be maintaining existing covid safety protocols to keep everyone safe and minimise risk of cross transfer.  This will include the continued wearing of face masks.  See details here.

Online and in person mat Pilates class schedule continues :

  • zoom 8am Monday Pilates fundamentals

  • zoom 8am Wednesday - mixed ability mixed equipment

  • In Person at the Hall: Friday 1pm (gentler) and 2pm (progressive).  


Enquire here


Newbury Sports Massage aims to treat not just on the area of concern but the areas contributing to the cause of the problem.

Treatments are sought for relief from back ache and spasms, neck ache, shoulder aches pains and injuries, shin splints, runners knee, knee injuries, pre and post surgery, sciatic pain, tight ITB and hamstrings, recovery from ankle sprain / strain, achillies tendonopathy , carpel tunnel, tennis / golfers elbow etc etc. We also provide pre and post event massage to aid warm up and warm down. Rocktape and acupuncture are used where appropriate.


Great job on the legs - squeezed an extra 2mph ave out of them today with no glute pain...local female competing cyclist.

What Lizanne did for my right knee last week was nothing short of miraculous - Alex Knapp Sep 2021

Lizzy, just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your support in the run up to my first Ironman. Kona slot next! Many thanks, Jason (Sklenar MBE)


Lizzy treated my damaged shoulder, with her careful treatment and gentle exercise programme my shoulder was 100% in no time - we call her 'Lizzy Magic Hands' in our family! Katie Liquorish