Client Testimonials

Here's what clients tell us about their experience with Newbury Sports Massage.

I saw Lizanne by chance after 16 weeks of training for an ironman and with two weeks to go to my big race. I had pulled the big muscle in the front of my thigh and was unable to run any distance. I am certain that the massage work down on the muscle and the strapping to help protect it got me to the start line. Thanks to to my own determination and the work by Lizanne I not only completed the ironman including all 26.2 miles of the run but beat my target time by half an hour!.

 Rog Davis, Newbury Triathlon Organising Committee Member.

Newbury sports massage has helped me with my calf and hip issues showing me techniques to strenghtening and loosen these areas. This has reduced the change of further injury and I have shown a massive improvement in my event times. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Brian Billington

Hermione Sheldon

Thanks for a brilliant thai yoga massage this afternoon, my body feels 10 years younger.........

'Absolutely no worries for recommending you. You're brilliant at what you do and if anyone is looking for a treatment I recommend you! :) I've seen a lot of different sports massage therapist in the past and you're definitely the best I've come across!'

 Jo Welch, Designer

Problem: 4 days prior to UK Ironman, still achey from French Ironman 2 weeks previously.'Just wanted to say thank you so much for attending to my legs/back/arms/body in general when i came the other week prior to the half iron man race i was doing. I felt loads better after. I had a really good race finishing 5th woman overall and second in my age group which i was delighted about! So I wanted to say thank you for helping me out beforehand to get race ready'.

Nicci Clay, Triathlete

Problem: very painful lower back post-pregnancy
'After my recent pregnancy my SIJ  hurt and I had pain when standing up which was getting worse to the extent that I was having to get up from a seated position. Painful both to straighten and to bend – I had similar after my first child, but no-where near as painful as this third time. It appears Lizzy has  magic hands as my back felt better after just one treatment and I am still very fixed 6 months on!'

Ruth Lambert, GP

Problem: Severe lower back pain - spasms causing continual pain since onset when bending forward
'Dear Lizanne, Just wanted to say a big thank you again for your superb caring and efficient treatment. After two full 14 hour days in clinic and still working now, I cannot believe that I have had no pain today and mobility has improved 90%. Just one twinge as I moved slightly awkwardly, but on straightening it went. Right shoulder free-est for 20 years, can now weight bear on left leg which i couldn't when the back pain was severe and no longer waking at night - the improvement is incredible!​'

Barbara Davies, Podiatrist

Problem: Achillies tendonitis preventing 60+ year old male from doing distance running and presenting as a constant niggle especially during and after playing golf or any other activity. 'Hi Lizzy, just run 5 miles and did not think "leg" once!! Thought you'd like to know! Thanks'

 Mike, Retired GP

Problem: Medial meniscus tear pre and post operative
'I’d been seeing a holistic therapist and a cranial therapist but my knee problem didn’t seem to be improving after 6 weeks from a delayed onset injury after a step class.  When I saw Lizzy she immediately suggested I see a GP before spending out on therapies without having a proper diagnosis.  It transpired that I required medial meniscus surgery and Lizzy’s treatment prior to this whilst not touching the knee did stretch off all the muscles inserting into the knee and meant I did actually begin to sleep without waking from the pain and felt so much more comfortable.  She did further treatment after the surgery to help reduce scar tissue and encourage better function and recovery of my knee joint – I have no hesitation and have been actively recommending Lizzy since!'

Hilary Blackwell, HR Manager (keen golfer and walker!)​

Problem: Twinging calves threatening to prevent London Marathon 2011 - uncertain as to whether fit to run within 6 weeks fund raising page had not been set up. 'In the run up to and during my training for the London Marathon, I decided for the first time to have a series of deep tissue leg massages from Lizanne of Newbury Sports Massage. At the time I was suffering with very bad calf pains that had slowed down my training and because of this I really wasn’t sure I would make it to the start. Thanks to Lizanne, I was able to get my training back on track without any further leg problems. I completed in 3.42 thanks to u legs felt great!'

Jeffrey Crawley, Global Security Manager, IT

Problem: Sore back, shoulder & hips in advance of Off -road Motobike competition

I thought you'd like to know what a great job you did on my back and hips. The day after my appointment my right hip popped and cracked and everything felt better. It's been tight in areas that clearly haven't been used correctly for sometime! But it all feels so much better and the pain in my back has all but gone!


Chinook Engineer

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