The effectivness and breadth of application of sports massage is wide.  It is beneficial not only to sports people be they professional, amateur, training for the odd event, but as importantly, for any individual suffering aches and pains from daily living.

It is used to treat all manner of clients for injuries, for maintenance and to address muscle imbalances and postural issues by working through soft tissue using a variety of massage techniques including deep tissue, soft tissue release, muscle energy technique, neuromuscular technique and myofascial work.

This enables clients to perform better in their chosen sport or to move more comfortably without that sore back, tight neck, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, achillies tendonopathy, tight hamstrings, tight calves, shin splints, ITB runners knee, sciatic symptoms...the list is endless.



Swedish Massage (otherwise known as Holistic or Therapeutic Massage) treats the whole body and mind with its gentle soothing manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to bring about deep relaxation.   



Pilates goes hand in hand with soft tissue therapy as it encourages better posture and body awareness through teaching joint alignment, core engagemment and breathing. 


If the joints are aligned correctly the soft tissue structures around them should be in balance. If we use our core and centre before we move the movement is more efficient and stronger. 


If we strengthen the deep local muscles that support the spine and that stablise the pelvis and shoulder girdle we are less likely to get injured, and if we move with more efficiency we tire less. 


1-2-1 or 1-2-2 or small group classes available.



Get your body screened from pelvis, spine, shoulders knees and ankles to identify any imbalances asymmetry or dysfunction in the muscles joints or nerves, then have a specific exercise programme designed for you to address those issues and create capacity for your body to move more freely. All done by fully qualified a Biomechanics Coach.



Thai Yoga Massage is different to other forms of massage, but beautifully synergistic with sports massage. It's wonderful combination of acupressure, massage and gently applied yoga stretches literally do make you feel more comfortable in your body, and lengthened.  

Carried out on a floormat, you remain fully clothed, the treatment is applied using hands, feet, forearms, elbows in a series of flowing movements to free stress and tensions held within the body.  A deeply relaxing and energising treatment - some refer to as 'lazy yoga'!


On-site seated acupressure massage great for easing back, neck, shoulder aches, with head massage too lovely, relaxing and energising.

Gentle but firm suitable for everyone, in the workplace, corporate events, exhibitions, fayres, fetes, or  pamper days / evenings.