So What is Sports Massage?

Massage has been used to treat muscular skeletal problems for thousands of years and works on many levels - the physiological and psychological benefits continue to be researched.

Sports Massage is one specialisation that is unique in its approach: whereas most therapies aim to restore 'normal' function in terms of strength, speed and movement, many athletes want to be 'better' than normal and therefore the overall aim of sports massage the enhancement of performance, and injury prevention. BUT, note massage benefits are hard to measure as no-ones touch is the same nor their personal approach, what we do know is that massage will make you feel better, and if you feel better you will move better.  Simple.

For this reason, sports massage will often be seen as part of a training programme.

That said, any muscles that are suffering from over-use or weakness can create a muscle imbalance, and this will likely result in aches, pains and potential injury.  This is true of everyday living and the stresses both physical and mental that we find ourselves dealing with - we are shaped by the lifestyle and activities we do throughout our lives. A lot of my work is dealing with postural imbalances created by the activities of daily living eg backache from driving, neckache / headache from sitting at that computer, RSI from using the mouse/ digging the garden etc so it's relevant to non-sporting injuries too.

The combination therefore of sports and remedial massage provides a holistic approach looking at the anatomy and physiology of what is happening in order to address not just the area of pain, but endeavours to find the route cause in the body, and in the lifestyle.