Biomechanics Coaching


Biomechanics can be defined by Extrinsic and Intrinsic: Intrinsic biomechanics is how the body works mechanically during the performance of a movement or task. This has a major impact on how the body compensates during the performance of extrinsic biomechanical movements or tasks. Often the body is merely compensating for intrinsic biomechanical faults during functional tasks and the more we practice those tasks or movements, the more we have to compensate, and so the risk of injury increases.


The Biomechanics Coach focuses on Intrinsic Biomechanics - the purpose of which is to provide the building blocks to restore normal function. By reducing nerve tethering, muscle spasm and joint dysfunction the screening and corrective exercise programme enables the body to have the capacity to perform natural movements and restores the body’s systems and structures to their intended function.

As a qualified Biomechanics Coach I will perform a full-body biomechanical assessment, establishing any areas of mechanical dysfunction, imbalance or asymmetry. Having taken a full medical and movement history of the client and identified what their specific movement goals are, the screening process starts with the pelvis, then the spine, shoulders, knees and ankles assessing joints, nerves and muscles to see if they are functioning optimally.  The fully body screen will identify areas of dysfunction and will enable the biomechanics coach to prescribe a specific strength and conditioning exercise programme to restore normal function specifically for that individual and thereby enabling the body to have the capacity to move more freely.  A biproduct of this is often a reduction in pain, aswell as more efficient movement, improved performance and reduction in injury risk.

This process will usually involve an initial screen followed by 2-3 rescreens to see how the exercise prescription is improving your biomechanics (differences are usually noticed within the first 1-2 weeks) followed up a fourth session with longer term maintenance goals but understandably this is bespoke depending on each individual client needs.