Benefits of massage / soft tissue therapy

Massage (or soft tissue therapy) benefits are hard to measure as no-one's touch or personal application is the same but what we do know, is that for most people massage will make you feel better, and if you feel better you will move better, feel lighter in mind and body.  Recent research points toward massage having more of an effect on the nervous system and its importance cannot be understated...there is more focus on pain science and biopsychosocial model ie our beliefs, experience and references to what we feel especially for long term aches and pains ie chronic pain that we have had for more than 3 months. 

Previous research papers and texts suggested that massage:


.Stimulates circulation of blood, increasing supply of nutrients and oxygen and removal of substances at a cellular level

•Stimulates venous return and lymphatic flow​


•​Minimises scar tissue formation, and can break adhered / stuck tissues down into smaller particles


•​Improves muscle condition and function


•Provides localised specific stretching not possible with functional exercise

•Improves tissue flexibility and thereby range and freedom of movement

•Stimulates nerve receptors to release muscle tension


•Encourages pain reduction, and overall tension release throughout the body and thereby psychological benefits