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Prices & Treatments

Price is £50/hour for all services based on all learnings and the combined knowledge and techniques may be applied as appropriate so you don't need to specify what treatment you would like in advance it can be matched to your needs.


1. Sports & Remedial Massage

A combination of soft tissue techniques may be used as appropriate including general massage, deep tissue work, myofascial release, soft tissue release, neuromuscular and muscle energy techniques.

Price: £50 / hour, 1/2 hour - £30.  Evening appointments (5.30pm onwards) £55/hour

 Book 6 sessions get 6th HALF PRICE.

A 10 minute consultation will take place during your first appointment prior to treatment.

2. Holistic Massage (Swedish Massage)

Everyone needs a break every now and then and time to themselves. Holistic massages are ideal for relaxation of whole body

(and mind), and is done in warm comfortable surroundings, on a couch, using massage lotion.

Price: £50 / hour, 1/2 hour - £30.  Evening appointments (5.30pm onwards) £55/hour

Book 6 sessions get 6th HALF PRICE 

A 10 minute consultation will take place during your first appointment prior to treatment.

3. Thai Yoga Massage 


Sometimes described as 'lazy yoga' Thai Yoga Massage takes a holistic approach in that the whole body is worked from toe to top, on the floor, on a mat, wearing comfy stretchy clothes and ideally should take a minimum of 1.5hours, although a shortened sequence can be done in 1 hour. 


90minutes - Standard -  £70 (ideal time for thai yoga massage)

60 minutes  - Short form -  £50 (for those who come on a regular basis)

120 minutes  - Long-form -  £90 (for those who want a total relaxation and special treat)


A 10 minute consultation will take place during your first appointment prior to treatment. (Please wear comfortable stretchy clothing and perhaps bring socks and long sleeved top so that you don't feel chilly whilst you lie for a length of time in a relaxed state!)


4. Mat Pilates


Pilates is great for encouraging better postural alignment, flexibility, strength, movement, and awareness through a series of exercises designed to work the whole body based on the principles of concentration, control, core - centring, breathing , stamina and alignment - great for strengthening the muscles that support the spine.


1-2-1s available at £50/hour or group classes at £8 per session paid half termly in advance, please enquire about location, times and availability.


5. Biomechanics Assessments

A full body screening process to identify asymmetries, imbalances, reduced range of movement starting with the pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees and feet from which specific exercises can then be prescribed.  Strength and conditioning exercises are layered in.  The aim over 1 to ideally 4 hour long sessions is to help you move better in order to achieve your movement goals - often a by-product of the process is reduced pain.

Price £50/hour (take 4 sessions the 4th will be half price).

Please note: cancellations within 24 hours of appointment will be charged in full if treatment time is unable to be reallocated.

Gift Vouchers available! Simply call 07886101391 or email Lizanne.  Payment accepted by bank transfer, cheque or cash. Voucher can be mailed to you or directly to recipient just let me know when ordering. Thanks!

Simply call 07886101391 or email Lizanne@newburysportsmassage.co.uk to book an appointment or to purchase a Gift Voucher.