Thai Yoga Massage - history and benefits

Thai Yoga Massage also known as traditional Thai Massage or simply Thai Massage, is an ancient healing art that is still practised widely throughout Thailand.  Although it dates back over 2500 years, it has only recently become more popular in the West.

Thai Yoga Massage is different to other forms of massage, but beautifully synergistic with sports massage with it's wonderful combination of acupressure, massage and gently applied yoga stretches.  Energy lines, acupressure points, muscles, tendons and joints are stretched and opened, stimulating flow of energy along the main 10 sen energy lines, and encouraging freedom of movement.

Carried out on a comfortable floormat, in a warm calm environment, you remain fully clothed whilst the treatment is applied using hands, feet, forearms and elbows in a series of flowing moves to help free stress and tensions held within the body.


Suitable for anyone, regardless of age, level of fitness or flexibility, Thai Yoga Massage enables you to be stretched more than you could unaided and therefore I liken it to facilitated stretching or some call it 'lazy yoga'!.


Those who might benefit from this type of massage include those who:​

  • lead busy, stressful lives

  • suffer from aches and pains, including chronic backache and headache

  • spend hours at a desk, driving or standing

  • are active sportsmen and women

  • practice yoga, pilates or dance, or those who love stretching will love being stretched

  • just need time out for themselves, to relax, feel great and energised.

  • are pregnant

  • currently have sports massage and have persistent tightness or reduced ranges of movement

The aim is to:

  • relieve stress particularly if you lead a stressful or active lifestyle

  • avoid pain, prevent injury and bring relief from aches pains and stiffness particularly any tight joints - knees, hips, wrists, shoulders and neck

  • increase flexibility through having your muscles stretched and joints gently moved more than you can do unaided, ultimately relieving tightness and with it improving posture by correcting body alignment

  • build energy - thai massage develops a feeling of freedom and space in the body.


The treatment begins at the feet and works up through the body, finishing wth the shoulders neck and head.  This follows the flow of energy, ensuring that every part of the body can be stretched to its maximum and can benefit from the openess it brings and from 'letting go'.  Each treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual, their mobility, flexibility and comfort.


You can choose the following treatments:


90minutes - Standard -  £70

60 minutes  - Short form -  £50 (for those who come on a very regular basis)

120 minutes  - Long-form -  £90 (for those who want total relaxation or a special treat)