Barcelona Finishers!

So, 6 weeks after the Barcelona marathon I finally report that it was a huge success - so much fun in so many ways and not least because all 6 of us completed the marathon without injury, and within faster times than each of us had quietly hoped for. I personally was delighted with 4 hours 14 minutes (and 55 seconds but still sub 4 hours 15mins!!). Great city, great friends, great fun just a great experience. My only ache after the race was the old runners knee which meant I had to walk sideways downstairs for 3 days and then I was back to normal. The fatigue lasted probably around 7-10 days which interestingly was less than the 20mile training run 3 weeks previously.

Here is the surprise however. In the 6 weeks since I have not run once, or done any other exercise!!! And this is not because i'm sick of running, life just simply got very busy and without the fear of an impending event to train for I guess I simply havent been driven enough. Additionally my food intake has stayed at the same level and therefore inevitable weight gain has occured. The loss of fitness in such a short time and loss of physique is quite staggering!

So, where next...which city do I fancy another fun weekend exploring (with a little run thrown in)?

In conclusion, training and completing my first marathon has been a very interesting, satisfying and fun experience. I've learnt a lot about training, nutrition, psychology, and the benefits of a cross training programme in particular the inclusion of core work (in my case pilates) and high intensity workouts (thank you Carol Vanhinserg)) and the importance of good posture, alignment and mind-bodyawareness to prevent injury. Massage has of course played a key part (thank you Sara)

Apparently only 1% of the population ever run a marathon. I think that's actually quite a lot of people when you elimate those who struggle simply to survive, that don't have the luxury to spend time training and to invest so much on their bodies and feeling good. It certainly makes me very appreciative of everything, and if you have your health you have everything, lets not waste it, make the most of all that you can. If you're thinkng about doing a marathon or any othe type of challenge, what's stopping you? Go for it and good Luck! And finally, thanks to everyone who sponsored us we raised almost £2000 for Anthony Nolan - the feel-good keeps on coming!!

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