And on to Rome...

So whether it's addictive or simply an excuse for a weekend away to another incredible city, I've now booked onto my third marathon three years: Rome 2nd April 2017. Apparently it's referred to as the 7 (or is it 12) hills so it could be a rude awakening (not to mention the cobbles!).

The things I have learnt from my 1st to 2nd marathon:

Apparently fitness does start to drop off after 3 weeks.

Apparently despite having run a marathon the year before you do have to start all over again for the next one (unless you've maintained that level of training throughout the year).

Apparently its easy to lul oneself into a false sense of confidence that just because you've run one marathon, and you know you can make it round 26.2miles, it does not mean you can ease up on the training - as I discovered in Paris it hurt, it was hard, I got blisters where I'd never had them before, I had to walk sections and I felt awful during and at the finish.

I learnt not to try out anything new eg socks on the marathon itself! Even though the sports direct sales assistance said that yes it was true as the labelling said clearly they were blister free socks!!

I learnt that a bag of ready salted crisps and a bottle of beer are manna from heaven immediately after.

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